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Clarification on Office Memorandum dated 28.03.2020

Mar 30, 2020

Category: Notifications


                                                                                      Dated:  29.03.2020



          In continuation of the O.M. dated 28th March 2020, it is hereby clarified that no information is required for regular teachers. Only the following information may be provided by the Deans/ Heads/Directors  with respect to ad-hoc teachers and non-teaching staff (Regular as well as contractual) working in their Faculty/Department/Centre instead of  format prescribed in the O.M:

(a) There is no change in staff as compared to previous month; and

(b) No staff was on EOL in the month of March 2020.

(c) period of engagement ( if completing during March 2020).

The above mentioned information shall be sent by 5 P.M on 01.4.2020 to & (North Campus) and to and (South Campus) to enable to process for payment of salary for the month of March 2020. 


                                                                                             REGISTRAR (Acting)

To All Deans/Heads/Directors of Facuties/Departments/Centres.


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