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OBE Exam

Aug 13, 2020

Category: Press Release



University of Delhi has commenced with Open Book Examination (OBE) on 10 August 2020 as a one-time measure in view of the emerging COVID- 19 pandemic situation for the final semester/year regular, NCWEB and SOL students. In the last four days, students have successfully attempted and submitted their answer scripts on the OBE portal of DU. Some of our students, who at present are in remote/ far-flung areas have submitted their answer scripts via the option of email available to them. Students with special needs have also been given the option to send answer scripts by email.

Cumulative data shows that the number of papers attempted by regular, NCWEB students and SOL is 110085 and 154142 respectively on the OBE portal. The answer scripts submitted by regular, NCWEB students and SOL students are 82496 and 108846 respectively on the OBE portal.

University of Delhi wishes to acknowledge and thank, the support extended by the students, guardians and the teaching community in conducting the OBE in the present challenging circumstances. 




13th August, 2020



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