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Procedure for change of name of students

Jul 3, 2015

Category: Guidelines

Ref./Aca-II/Change of name/279/2015/03
Dated: 01/07/2015


In supersession of the previous rules, the following procedure for change of name of students duly approved by the Executive Council, vide Resolution No. 16 dated 28-05-2015, is hereby notified for necessary compliance by all concerned:-

Student (male/female/others) who wishes to change his/her name for any reason is required to submit the following documents.

    1. An application, mentioning the enrolment number of the student duly forwarded by the Principal of the College/Head of the institution alongwith Rs. 500/- as application fee.
    2. Newspaper cuttings (in original) as proof of the advertisement published with regard to change of name in at least two Indian leading daily newspapers.
    3. Self-Declaration on the prescribed format by the Applicant.
    4. Original copy of the Government of India Gazette Notification about the change of name.
    5. Self-declaration by the applicant regarding change of his or her name.

Submission of the matriculation or its equivalent certificate in case the student has got his/her name changed in the said certificate while studying in the University of Delhi.


Proof of marriage i.e. a self- attested copy of marriage registration certificate issued by the competent authority in case of female students applying for change of surname due to marriage.

  1. Application for change of name will be entertained only when the applicant is a student of University of Delhi at the time of applying for change of name.
    Application for change of name from a person who is not a student of the University at the time of submission of application or who has already competed his/her course of study shall not be considered.
  2. The process of change of name may require at least 2 weeks’ time after submission of application.
  3. Application of students of any class for change of name shall be accepted only after 30th September.
  4. Any change in name / surname will be effective only after its approval by the University.
  5. The name after change will be read as changed name alias / nee earlier name.

After receipt of such requests from the college/Departments, these will be examined by the University and processed for consideration in accordance with the University rules. The Principals of the Colleges/ Heads of the Departments may kindly ensure that the above procedure is strictly followed.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

(Ram Dutt)
Jt. Registrar (Academic)

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