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Appeal - Online Teaching-Learning for the benefit of students

Date : 06.05.2020



Online teaching–learning for the benefit of the students of the university

The departments and colleges of the University of Delhi are conducting online teaching- learning from the third week of March onwards and there has been considerable enhancement of the quantum of students availing this facility over this period of time, across the departments and colleges, which is encouraging. However, it has been noticed that there is a need to further strengthen and augment this exercise in the greater benefit of the students.

The Covid-19 task force of the university appeals to the departments and colleges to carry out interactive, online teaching in all the courses in the ongoing semesters with heightened intensity. Some of the tools for this purpose are Google Hangout, Google Meet, Google Classroom, Microsoft teams, Zoom* and Discord. This will help students understand the course contents better and provide them an opportunity to clear their doubts. In addition, the basic teaching material as per the syllabus of the courses may please be provided on the College and Department websites so that the students can study, prepare well for their future endeavor and make the best of the loss of classroom activities.

DUCC may be contacted in case of any problems or queries with regard to online teaching-learning process.

Wish you all good health and pray you stay safe.

The Covid-19 Task Force Members, DU

*Note: Before use of ZOOM, please see the CyCord, MHA, GoI Advisory attached with this.