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Central Science Library

The emergence of Central Science Library (CSL) dates back to 1981 prior to that, it was a part of Central Reference Library (CRL), Delhi. However, the need to have a separate Science Library was shown much earlier by Carl M. White in 1966 who recommended "that a Science Library be created to serve the departments, which consist of Faculty of Science and that the collection now maintained by these departments and related material in the main library be used to form the nucleus of the new library. A Science Librarian of outstanding ability be employed to take charge of it and that a new building be erected to house the library". With the growth of the University, the membership of Central Library was also increasing continuously, as a result in due course of time with increasing membership and their changing information needs, it became inconvenient for Central Library to serve the users, belonging to the faculty of science effectively. So CSL was separated from CRL and housed in a separate building to serve members of science faculty .The three-storied building having a carpet area of 22,595 sq. feet with a sitting capacity of 185 seats started functioning independently with effect from 8th April 1981. The administration of CSL is under the Dean of the faculty of science.
Library Building
The Central Science Library is situated in the vicinity of Science Departments viz Anthropology, Botany, Zoology, Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Environmental Biology and others. The three storeyed library building in red stone and concrete is located in beautiful surroundings of parks, flowers and ornamental trees amidst various science faculties. It is just opposite to and very near to Delhi University Computer Centre. Hence it would always facilitate in its modernization. It has a total carpet area of 22,595 sq feet and it offers a congenial environment for study and research. The total capacity of the library is about 185 seats with reading halls on 1st and 2nd floors. 

Monday to Saturday 9.00 am - 8.00 pm

Sunday and Holidays 9.00 am - 6.00 pm


· The library shall normally functions for twelve hours a day or more during the academic session.

· Library hours are subject to change from time to time and all changes in timings are duly notified on the notice boards of different libraries.

· The library is open round the year except on Republic Day, Holi, Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanti.


For more information visit Central Science Library website

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