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COVID-19: Vice Chancellor’s Message to Alumni



Our Esteemed Alumni,

We hope that this message finds you in the best of health and spirit!

During these times of unprecedented crisis brought on humanity by the COVID-19 pandemic, all of you are in our thoughts and our prayers are with you and your family.

We are confident that you must be contributing diligently in the service of the nation at this critical juncture.

Your alma mater has always been committed to national service. You would be glad to know that this time also we are doing our best to meet the pandemic challenge not only on our own but also in cooperation with our government and committed individuals like you.

Though normal academic activities -- mainly classroom teaching and laboratory research -- have suffered owing to the distancing mandate, we have not allowed these constraints to hamper our pursuit of knowledge, research, innovation and social outreach. Indeed, the pandemic has forced us to rethink the way we work and deliver. Our faculty members have successfully explored virtual classrooms and other digital aids to ensure continuity in the teaching-learning process. We are contemplating the conduct of examinations for the current session for our learners who amount to nearly nine lakhs. We are reviewing our preparations for admissions in the next session. We feel confident our students will have a fruitful session this year, too

Majority of our students hail from different parts of India and some from countries across the globe. We are taking care of those who continue to reside in our hostels.

The University has responded promptly to the call for national service. The faculty and staff members of all departments and constituent colleges of the University have collectively contributed their one-day’s salary, amounting to more than four crore rupees, to the Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Fund. We intend to do a lot more in the near future as well.

We have launched the ‘DU Care for Neighbour’ programme, so that no poor or homeless remain hungry in neighbourhoods of our North and South Campuses. We have encouraged our constituent colleges to take up the cause in their respective neighbourhoods.

The University has constituted a Special Task Force with a diverse representation that meets regularly through virtual mode to discuss impending challenges, devise solutions and implement them expeditiously.

You have been a constant pillar of support to the University and also a great contributor to nation-building. Today, your alma mater urges you to intensify your efforts to serve the society in whatever form you can from wherever you are located.

Together, we can enrich each other’s lives, nourish humanity with greater unity of purpose and hope to build a better world.

We will be glad to know about your efforts in this direction and get inspired. Keep us posted about your efforts by writing to us at

Stay safe and healthy!

Best Wishes

Yogesh Tyagi