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The Delhi University Students Union is the representative body of the students from most colleges and faculties. Apart from this, each college has its own students union to which elections are held every year. The student elections are fought keenly and with great enthusiasm. In the past, several of the office bearers of Delhi University Students Union have gone on to hold public offices in State and central governments.

The elections to Delhi University Students Union are by direct voting by the students of the University and member Colleges. The elections are usually held in August -September of each year

DUSU Office Bearers 2019-2020


Akshit Dahiya   President
Pradeep Tanwar  Vice President
Ashish Lamba   Secretary
Shivangi Kharwal   Joint-Secretary

Office Address: Delhi University Students Union (DUSU)
University of Delhi, Delhi-110 007.
Phone : 27667422, 27667725 Ext. 1730-1733

Notification dated 15/01/2019

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