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Engineering Office

The Engineering Department of the University is actively engaged in maintenance of residential, administrative and academic buildings on the campus. This includes maintenance of essential infrastructure like water supply, sewerage, roads and drains, electricity and air conditioning etc. The Engineering Department also constructs various residential, hostel and institutional buildings. It has recently completed construction of a hostel for Students from North Eastern region at Dhaka, near Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi.
The Department is headed by a University Engineer.

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Mr. Anupam Srivastava
University Engineer
Engineering Department
University of Delhi
Delhi 110007. 
Phone: 27667157, 27667725, EPABX: 1700-1705
Fax No.: 27666007


(NORTH CAMPUS) Maintenance

Sh. Rajender Singh, Executive Engineer (offg) Phone: 9818105582
Sh. Jagbir Singh, Assistant Engineer (C), (Offg), Phone: 9910991750, E-mail ID:
Sh. John C Varughese, Assistant Engineer (C), (Offg), Phone: 9810809089, E-mail ID:
Sh. Vinod Kr. Jain, Assistant Engineer (C), (Offg), Phone: 9811985636
Sh. Shashi Bhusan Tyagi, Assistant Engineer (E), (Offg), Phone: 9911047154, E-mail ID:
Sh. Jaipal Singh, Assistant Engineer (E), (Offg), Phone: 9971526108

S.No. Photograph Name Designation Email Phone No.
1   Sh. Amit Varshney  JE/Incharge (Civil)   9811174826
2 Sh. Ashok Tripathi JE/Incharge (Civil)   9871149338
3 Sh. Jacob John JE/Incharge (Civil)   9811357019

Sh. Prem Singh 

JE/Incharge (Civil)   9350351277
5 Sh. Ram Pal JE/Incharge (Civil)   9210414847
6 Sh. Ajay Malik JE/Incharge (Civil)   9717018981
7 Sh. Nitin Kumar  JE/Incharge (Civil)   9810102626
8   Sh. Joseph  JE/Incharge (Civil)   9868079303
9 Sh. S. M. Goel  JE/Incharge (Electrical)   858784605
10   Sh. Sanjeev Chopra JE/Incharge (Electrical)   9899311160
11 Sh. Devender Kumar  JE/Incharge (Electrical)   9871577671
12 Sh. Abhay Joseph Tirkey JE/Incharge (Electrical) 9811146594
13 Sh. M.M.K. Sherwani JE/Incharge (Electrical)   9873163571

(SOUTH CAMPUS) Maintenance

Sh. Omveer Chauhan, Assistant Engineer, Phone No. 9811063862
Sh. M.A.N. Khan, Assistant Engineer (Elect.) Phone No. 9818501013

S.No. Photograph Name Designation Email Phone No.
1   Sh. Adil Mahmood  JE/Incharge (Civil)   9871138464
2   Sh. Benny K. Thomas JE/Incharge (Civil)   9312610825
3    Sh. H.C Jain  JE/Incharge (Electrical)    9312875054
Ms. Pushpa Kayat Section Officer I
Mr. Satish Kumar Section Officer II