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Other Courses


Faculy of Arts


Certificate Course in Modern Arabic

Buddhist Studies

Certificate Course in Pali Language & Literature
Certificate Course in Tibetan Language & Literature


Germanic and Romance Studies

Certificate Course in French Language
Certificate Course in German Language
Certificate Course in Spanish Language
Certificate in Italian
Certificate in Persian

Hindi Library & Information Science
Linguistics Modern Indian Language & Literary Studies
Persian Philosophy


Certificate course in Punjabi


Certificate course in Sanskrit


Faculy of Science

Anthropology Botany
Chemistry Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Center for Biomedical Research
Enviromental Studies Geology
Physics & Astrophysics Zoology

Faculy of Law

Law LawCentre-I
Law Center-II  

Faculy of Education


Faculy of Social Science

African Studies

Certificate Course in Swahili Language

Adult Continuing Education & Extension

Certificate Course in Counseling & Guidance
Certificate Course in Science & Sports Journalism
Certificate Course in Travel and Tourism

East Asian Studies Economics
Geography History
Political Science Social Work

Faculy of Music and Fine Arts


Faculy of Medical Science

Anatomy (LHMC) Anatomy (UCMS)
Anesthesiology and Intensive Care (GBPH) Biochemistry (LHMC)
Biochemistry (UCMS) Biochemistry (VPCI)
Cardiology (GBPH) Community Medicine (MAMC)
Community Medicine (LHMC) Dermatology & STD (MAMC)
Microbiology (UCMS) Microbiology (VPCI)
Obstetrics & Gynaecology (UCMS) Obstetrics & Gynaecology (UCMS)
Obstetrics & Gynaecology (MAMC) Paedodontics & Preventive Dentistry (UCMS)
Pathology (MAMC) Pathology (UCMS)
Padiatrics (MAMC) Pediatrics Surgery (MAMC)
Pharmacology (MAMC) Pharmacology (LHMC)
Physiology (UCMS) Physiology (MAMC)
Pulmonary Medicine (VPCI) University College of Medical Science
Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute Radiodiagnosis (MAMC)
Surgery (MAMC)  

Faculy of Inter-Disciplinary and Applied Sciences

Biochemistry Biophysics
Electronic Science Genetics
Microbiology Physical Education & Sports Science
Plant Molecular Biology  

Faculy of Technology

Mechanical Engineering Electronics and Communication Engineering

Faculy of Mathematical Science

Computer Science Mathematics
Operational Research Statistics

Faculy of Management Studies

Business Management and Industrial Administration  

Faculy of Applied Social Science and Humanities

Business Economics

Salvonic & Finno- Ugrian Studies

Certificate Course in Bulgarian Language
Certificate Course in Croatian Language
Certificate Course in Czech Language
Certificate Course in Hungarian Language
Certificate Course in Polish Language
Certificate Course in Russian Language0

Faculy of Commerce and Bussiness

Commerce Financial Studies



Certificate/Diploma in Foreign Language  Diploma in Bulgarian Language
 Diploma in Business Journalism & Corporate Communication  Diploma in Croatian Language
 Diploma in Czech Language  Diploma in D.A.
 Diploma in D.C.H.  Diploma in D.G.O.
 Diploma in D.L.O.  Diploma in D.M.R.D.
 Diploma in D.O.  Diploma in Foreign Language Education
 Diploma in French Language  Diploma in German Language
 Diploma in Hungarian Language  Diploma in Italian
 Diploma in Modern Arabic  Diploma in Pali Language & Literature
 Diploma in Persian  Diploma in Pharmacy
 Diploma in Polish Language  Diploma in Punjabi
 Diploma in Russian language  Diploma course in Sanskrit
 Diploma in Spanish Language  Diploma Course in Swahili Language
Diploma in Tibetan Language & Literature  

Advanced Diploma

Intensive Advanced Diploma

Regular Intensive Advanced Diploma Course in Bulgarian One Year (Full Time) Advanced Diploma in Russian

PG Diploma Courses

PG Diploma Translation (English-Hindi) PG Diploma Hindi Journalism
Post MA Diploma Linguistics Post MA Diploma in Palaeography
Post MA Diploma in Persian Advance Translation & Interpretation Post MA Diploma in Translation & Mass Media
Post MA Diploma Urdu Palaeography PG Intensive Diploma in Korean Language
PG Intensive Diploma in Chinese Language PG Intensive Diploma in Japanese Language
PG Intensive Advance Diploma in Japanese Language PG Instensive Advanced Diploma in Korean Language
PG Instensive Advanced Diploma in Chinese Language PG Diploma in International Marketing (PGDIM)
PG Diploma in Business Journalism and Corporate Communication (PG-DBJCC)

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