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University Science Instrumentation Centre (USIC)

University Science Instrumentation center (USIC) is a central facility and houses sophisticated analytical instruments. Its main objective is to provide services to all researchers and students of science departments in the University and the constituent colleges of the University of Delhi. Facilities for carrying out spectral, thermal, chemical and microstructural analysis on a variety of materials are extended to all researchers. A centralized liquid nitrogen distribution facility is maintained for all science departments, and all requests for customs duty and excise duty exemption for imported items are processed. Training programs and workshops/seminars are organized regularly for laboratory staff and research scholars in focused areas of materials characterization and analysis.

University Science Instrumentation Center (USIC)  
Near Dept. of Physics and Astrophysics                
University of Delhi (North campus)

Director: Prof. K. Sreenivas
Tel: (011) 2766 7834
(M) 9810958703



General facility:        



1) Procedures to obtain Customs duty exemption & concessional GST (5%)

Click here

2)Customs Duty exemption form……………

– Form for Financial details, Project details, funding, purchase item details etc…………

– Form for the Declaration (hazardous/non-hazardous) to be made on your letter head......

Form A

Form B

Form C

3)      concessional GST (5%)

Form D

4)Requisition form for Liquid Nitrogen

Form E

Additional activities at USIC:

Annual Training program for Laboratory staff is intimated to HOD’s/College Principals directly

Interaction seminars for Res. Scholars with application specialists are announced on the USIC notice

Board and information is sent to Faculty members for nominating their students.

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